Smps Carl M 100 word challenge

“Look up! Can you see…” I said with my elvish eyes glistening with horror

“I didn’t see anything but do here a big roar came from the east!” Confusedly Said bilbo

After a short while we heard a big screech from the west and then we.seen.a…dragon!
We both scattered into the forest of frostbite spiders what freeze you with bite and then they slash you and eat you but we were brave so ran from the dragon and we also pulled out our swords what shinned with green and slice like cheater!

“Skyron what are you doing?” Bilbo gasped with horror

Then in one slice I killed the dragon!

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100 word challange josh j

Breaking news a “a airplane has disappeared of the ratios around the world everyone is looking for it there is these two boys in Los angels let’s check out what they are saying …look up can you see…that PLANE THAT HAS GONE MISSING it is very big the end of the plane is hiding in the white soft clouds you can only see the front of the plane it had a dead driver he had his heads stuck on his tiny steering wheel there was blood on the front window it looked very very very very very very horrible.

100 word challenge Madelyn B

One day there lived a man who always was kind and caring, but something terrible was going to happen. He went to the airport one day because he wanted to go on holiday to the USA. When he got onto the airplane he rested, and after five hours he was nearly there. That’s when he heard people saying “look up! Can you see that plane “and he woke up he was near land and the people on land said were is the plane it has disappeared but were is the plane is the question. None saw that man again was he dead or alive.

100 wc Aamani Hussain

“Breaking news, lost plane now found, how did it happen?”
“Well I do not know maybe some black hole mishaps!”
“Did you hear that?!” exclaimed Ronnie
“What?” Said Connor
“That plane been lost and now found I wonder if anyone stayed alive or if the plane stayed in one peace?”
“Doubt it that will be true when pigs start to fly” cackled Connor sarcastically!
“I kind of feel sorry for all those poor people if they did die obviously!” Ronnie exclaimed.
“Why don’t we look it up on my iPad”
“Fine then I’ll “Ahhhh Look up! Can you see that!”


100 Word Challenge OwenS

The flying magician!
One stormy,dark day a magician was walking around his house thinking of how to levitate, Bob was his name he was thinking and thinking until he found loads of ideas. Idea one fill himself with helium only made him talk squeaky and the second was making a wing suit and that idea worked.
“Look up can you see our son is flying!” screamed Bobs mam “My boyfriend is flying” exclaimed Angela he was the most popular person there but when he was flying he had to go to hospital for breaking his arm and his neck.


Genna.A 100word challenge

”I am so hungry” I said with a rather flat voice to Lisa the cook in my rich foster care home “me too said my sister then cook said well then tuff you are being punished for not flushing to toilet. I felt like I hadn’t hade any food for a year but it had only be two hours. I was that hungry that I didn’t listen to a thing cook said and ran into the kitchen and grabbed the cookie jar and opened it but when she opened the jar nothing happened. At that time I didn’t notes that I had been sucked into the jar I hade been sucked into a land of horror.

Chapter 2

Then all of a sudden THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP!!!, a imposing monster came up to me but never realised I was there then the monster started to say “fee Fi fo bum I smell the Pub of and Englishman be she alive or be she die I will crush her head to make my bed. I ran as fast as I could because I knew he was talking about me I was so scared incase he was going to eat me because that was just what he had said.

Author: Genna Archer


100 word challenge

“What are you doing Laura…you know people don’t come from that place!” I whispered to Laura
” we’ll yeah but…it doesn’t mean we won’t survive and skyron you have the most courage then anybody in the world” said Laura. After that me and Laura went to the old butcher house what was filled with cobwebs and broken jars but there was one jar left. We both crept forward with no hazation “ooooooooooooooooooooooooo a sparkly jar I want to open it” but when she opened the lid…Then the room the went dark and then rainbows flyed out the jar and blood spited everywhere and we were stuck in!

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